Bluelounge Cablebox Mini

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Tackling cable clusters atop your desk is what Cable Box Mini was made for. With a four-socket surge protector included, you can plug chargers, routers, adapters and small hubs into the Cable Box Mini. Simply tuck the associated jumble of cables into the box and close the lid to keep your desktop looking neat as a pin. Your accessory cables will always remain tidy and dust-free inside the Cable Box Mini. The box is constructed from high-density, fire retardant plastic.


  • Effectively hides cables, power strips and extension cords
  • Designed to fit all shapes and sizes of surge protectors and power strips
  • Rubber feet prevent the CableBox from slipping
  • Made from high-density flame-retardant plastic


    • Dimensions: (HxWxD): 240x120x130mm / 9.3x4.6x5.2in

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