Bluelounge Kii Micro USB

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Kii allows you to charge and sync your Apple or Android devices without the need for a cable or Wi-Fi network. The perfect featherweight accessory, Kii's slim design means it fits perfectly on your existing keychain, and is ideal for travel. The self-locking cap and flexible body ensures that Kii will stay securely on your key ring and won't break under pressure. Kii is available in Black or White for Apple Lightning or Micro-USB and Black for Apple 30-Pin.


  • Charge or sync your devices without the need for a cable or Wi-Fi network
  • Lightweight and perfect for travel, an excellent emergency connection that fits on your keychain
  • Self-locking cap ensures that is stays securely on your key ring to be there when you need it and protects the charging end
  • Micro-USB


  • Dimensions: 2.8 x 0.9 x 0.2 inches
  • Weight: 0.5 ounces

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