Thecoopidea Trumpet Dual Car Charger 3.6A

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Slim 6000 powerbank is slim and proportional to a smartphone. It has a hidden micro USB cable for charging 1x android device and comes with an additional micro USB for recharging the powerbank itself.


  • Fast charge 3.6A

  • Charge 2x device

  • Compatible to both Android and iOS devices


  • INPUT: 100-240, 0.8A
  • OUTPUT: 5.0V - 3.6A
  • OUTPUT 1: 1.5A
  • OUTPUT 2: 2.1A
  • DIMENSION: 73 x 34 x 34 mm
  • WEIGHT: 29.6g

Package Includes:

  • 1x Trumpet Car Charger
  • 1x Handbook Manual

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