Tru Virtu Beluga

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Black Magic

Black magic or magical black? TRU VIRTU® is both. Soft, cool black exudes pure understatement because you define the style. But also fine metallic nuances, which cast a pinch of magic. Not more - but also not less. Matt, with a velvety surface, which appears to swallow the ambient light. But unfortunately we can only sell Black Magic not practice it.

Blue Ocean

Understatement - a word that expresses itself – elegant design combined with a lively shade of intensive blue. “TRU VIRTU® Blue Ocean” accompanied you in a cool, classy and maritime way to the point of Happy hour and further. Through the city, via meetings or in the club. Be the perfect wave a little closer, even without the beach!

Coffee to Go

Whether you’re on St Mark’s Square, 5th Avenue or your favourite location in town – the aromatic scent of coffee gives you that special something. A sense of security, with a hint of excitement. The warm, soft nuance of Coffee to go is a fine composition of gold and brown tones. This makes the TRU VIRTU® the perfect companion – familiar, in synch and never boring.

Green Hunt

It’s a magical atmosphere. The TRU VIRTU® Green Hunt breathes in the fresh, invigorating air of the woods at dawn. The first rays of sun caught in the leaves and the anticipation of what lies ahead. Make room for the unexpected. This is a moment that not everyone experiences.

Grey Oyster

Precious stones do not always have rough shells. The TRU VIRTU® Grey makes a cool but pure companion, with a soft shimmer. The real beauty may lie within but the exterior is also a delicious treat. Visually rich, the Grey is already a pleasure before you open it.

Red Pepper

Even without hot and chilli – the colour rocks. Red has always stood for that special something. It draws attention to itself, it makes things stand out, and it projects vivacity. Your TRU VIRTU® Red Pepper will be an eyecatcher, a must-have accessory, a sporty little status symbol with an elegant attitude.

Silver Arrow

Lustrous-matt silver has always been the first choice for discerning design. Plain, but not ordinary. Refined, but not brash. Granted, the TRU VIRTU® is not as fast as the legendary Mercedes, but they both place emphasis on clear & precise lines and their ease of being. Contrary to the car, you can comfortably place the TRU VIRTU® Silver Arrow in your pocket.


  • Designed and engineered in Germany
  • RFID safe
  • Magnet safe
  • Light weight
  • Ultra strong
  • Water resistant 
  • Sand safe
  • Snow safe
  • patented
  • storage for up to 4 credit cards and 3 coins
  • space for receipts and business cards
  • Space for up to 30 banknotes


  • Size: 93 x 107 x 22mm
  • Weight: 92 g

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